State Board Books for MPSC

State Board books play a key role in building the basic foundation of the aspirants. State Board for MPSC help aspirants to understand the basic concepts in a simple and lucid way. Once aspirants go through state board books, it becomes easier for them to understand the reference books.

In this section, we are providing State Board Books for MPSC

These state board books are important not only for prelims but also for mains. They also provide authentic factual data of respective subjects.Many questions are directly asked from state board books in different exams conducted by MPSC. Here we are providing e copies in pdf format of State Board books which are essential for different exams conducted by MPSC. These books are of subjects like History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Science, Environmental Study, Shikshanshastra, Book Keeping and Accounting, some CDPO related books, etc.

इतिहास व नागरिकशास्त्र - History & Civics

६ वी6th Standard
७वि7th Standard
८ वी8th Standard
८ वी (OLD Syallabus)8th Standard Old
९ वी9th Standard
१० वी10th Standard
११ वी11th Standard
१२ वी12th Standard

भूगोल - Geography

6 वी6th Standard Geo
७ वी7th Standard Geo
८ वी8th Standard Geo
९ वी9th Standard Geo
१० वी10th Standard Geo
११ वी11th Standard Geo

राज्यशास्त्र - Political Science

११ वी11th Standard Politics
१२ वी12th polity_compressed

अर्थशास्त्र - Economics

११ वी11th Standard Economics
१२ वी12th Standard Economics

विज्ञान - Science

६ वी6th Science
७ वी7th sci_compressed
८ वी8th Science
९ वी9th Science
१० वी भाग - १10th Science part 1
१० वी भाग - २10th Science part 2
११ वी - जीवशास्त्र11th biology
१२ वी - जीवशास्त्र12th Biology

पर्यावरण अभ्यास - Enviromental Study

११ वी11th Enviromental Study
१२ वी12th Environmental Study


११ वी11th Shikshanshastra
१२ वी12th Shikshanshastra


11th Agriculture Science& Technology11th Agriculture science & Technology

पुस्तकपालन व लेखाकर्म

११ वी11th book keeping and Accounting
१२ वी12th Book keeping and Accounting

CDPO परीक्षेकरिता उपयुक्त

११ वी अन्नशास्त्र व तंत्रज्ञान11th Annashastra & Tantradyan
११ वी बालविकास11th Balvikas
११ वी मानसशास्त्र11th Manasshastra
११ वी समाजशास्त्र11th Samajshastra